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The Irlen® Method

Option 3

Full Dyslexia assessment.

Includes a full Dyslexia diagnostic assessment, plus a written report.

Option 4

Full Access Arrangement Assessment

A full diagnostic assessment for access arrangements, plus a written report. (See additional notes top right)

*Option 4

Additional information

Full Access Arrangement assessments.

Dyslexic candidates in tests and exams will normally require accommodations in order to level the playing field with non-dyslexic candidates.

These would be recommended in a professional diagnostic assessment report from either an Educational Psychologist or specialist dyslexia teacher or assessor.

Accommodations can include extra time (25% is normal), a reader, a scribe; using a computer instead of handwriting, or using assistive software.

There may be specific recommendations for particular formats of exam, such as multiple choice and case study exams.

Every dyslexic person will have different requirements.

Option 5

Full Dyslexia assessment

A full Dyslexia assessment and a report for Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

Prices available on request - Please contact the Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire).

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We offer a full range of diagnostic and assessment services:

All our services are available to students at: Primary, Secondary, Further Education and Higher Education level.

The Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

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Option 1

Full Irlen® Method (Screening - stage 1).

Includes a full Irlen screening, coloured overlays and a written report

Option 2

Full Irlen® Method (Assessment - stage 2).

Includes a full Irlen assessment for tints/filters plus a written report.

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