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The Irlen® Method

Irlen® Syndrome

Causes eye problems for many people because it alters the way they see things. The problem is one of visual perception and the eyes themselves are not the main source of the problem. Irlen® syndrome results from the way in which the brain interprets visual information that is sent through the eyes. Having Irlen Syndrome prevents many people from reading effectively and efficiently. Individuals with Irlen® Syndrome perceive reading material and/or their environment differently. They must constantly make adaptations or compensate for the problem  and often individuals are unaware of the extra energy and effort they are putting into reading and perception.

What are the common symptoms of Irlen® Syndrome?


 • Poor comprehension

 • Skipping words or lines

 • Reading slowly or hesitantly

 • Losing ones place

 • Taking frequent breaks

 • Avoiding reading

 • Eye strain

  Judging Distances

 • Clumsiness

 • Being prone to accidents

 • Bumping into things

 • Difficulty catching things

   Other Problems

 • Difficulty with number columns

 • Difficulty reading music

 • Difficulty writing on a line

 • Unequal spacing when writing

 • Strain working under bright lights

 • Difficulty finding good lighting

 • Poor concentration

 • Lack of attention

 • Strain working with computers

 • Glare from bright objects

 • Eye strain

 • Headaches associated with: Computers,

   Lighting, Television, Supermarkets,Reading,

Once diagnosed Irlen® Syndrome can be treated using the Irlen® Method. The Irlen® Method is non-invasive technology using coloured overlays and filters which improve the brains ability  to process visual information.  

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About Irlen® Syndrome

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