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About Headaches & Migraine

Perceptual Stress & Headaches

The Irlen® Method can help to alleviate headaches or migraines. Clinical data has shown that those suffering from headaches or migraines, have experienced a reduction in symptoms with the application of colour. The individuals who have been helped have headaches or migraines related to perceptual stress from lighting or their environment.

Individuals may have been told that there is no medical reason for their problems, their symptoms are related to stress, or they have found that medication does not bring relief.  Avoidance of certain lighting situations can be partially helpful. People suffering from perceptually related headaches experience strain and stress from their environment, particularly lighting, bright colours, high contrast, stripes or patterns.  They may be unaware of the extra energy and effort they are constantly expending until a particularly stressful condition triggers a headache.


Research indicates that the difficulty may lie in the brain’s ability to tolerate and accurately process certain light waves or colours, leading to visual perception problems and stress.  

Irlen® coloured glasses filter out only the offending light waves without interfering with any of other visual information.


Robert... Previously a regular headache sufferer.

“Before I had the Irlen tints I used to come home from school and had to go to bed because I had a migraine several times a week.

I wear my tinted glasses all the time and I haven’t suffered a migraine since I got the glasses.”


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