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The Irlen® Method

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is best described as a combination of abilities and difficulties that affect the learning process in one or more of the areas of learning, spelling and writing.

Accompanying weaknesses may be identified in areas of speed of processing, short term memory, sequencing and organisation, auditory and/or visual perception, spoken language and motor skills.

It is particularly related to mastering and using written language which may include alphabetic, numeric and musical notation.

Diagnosis & Treatment

The younger a child is diagnosed, the more effective treatment will be. Dyslexia is usually diagnosed if reading and writing skills are poor but other skills, such as understanding of logic or verbal skills, are unaffected. Focusing on “phonics”  is the most effective way to improve reading and writing.

To be effective teaching has to be highly structured, with regular practice to reinforce learning. Parental help with reading and homework is also critical.

Dyslexia assessment

The Irlen Centre Northwest (Lancashire) provides a full Dyslexia screening & assessment service. For more information about this service click here

The Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

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About Dyslexia

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A new Dyslexia information leaflet is available to download here. The leaflet is in Adobe PDF format.

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