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About Autism

Autism & Irlen Syndrome

Autistic people may or may not have Irlen® Syndrome. Perceptual distortions for the person who has both Autism and Irlen® Syndrome may affect everything they see, not just the printed page. Some autistic people may have a strong reaction to certain colours or patterns, while others may see a distorted or fragmented environment. The effort of living with and making sense of what they see can be extremely fatiguing.

These visual perceptual problems can create an information overload. It is as though all the senses are being bombarded by too much unfiltered information. The world becomes a confusing, frightening place in which to live

The way in which the autistic person deals with this confusion depends on the individual. Some people will become angry, destructive or manic. Others may become anxious or withdrawn, while others will seek ways in which to compulsively control or avoid the frightening situations. These coping strategies may be displayed as:

   Temper tantrums;

   Poor self control;

   Poor social skills;

   Poor communication skills;

   Poor concentration;

   Repetitive actions;

   Destructive behaviours.


The Irlen® Method is a unique technique which uses coloured overlays and precision spectral filters worn as glasses, to reduce or eliminate visual perceptual difficulties and light sensitivity.

Irlen® spectral filters can never “cure” autism, but, by reducing the sensory overload, they may help the autistic person to better understand and relate to their environment.

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