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The Irlen® Method

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More information about Irlen® Syndrome.

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More information about assessment and screening services at the Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire).

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This web site provides information about a range of visual perception conditions and the services offered by the Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire). You can access the different pages from the drop down menu at the top of this page or by clicking on the links below. Click on Home to return to the main page at any time.

Irlen® Method overlays used in the screening and assessment process.

The Irlen® Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

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About The Irlen® Centre NW

“The overlays are useful all the time – I can read..!”

GNVQ Student

“Before I had the Irlen Lenses I didn’t know that I had a visual perception problem and that it could be sorted out. I can now read for longer and I understand what I am reading.”

Access to HE student

“Since wearing the Irlen tints I find that walking about in daylight is no longer stressful and fatiguing.”

Industrial Consultant

Irlen® filters both as overlays and spectacles are available only from accredited Irlen Centres™

Judith Bell

Irlen Centre Northwest (Lancashire)

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